Outer Sounds Sauv Blanc

CATEGORY Sauvignon Blanc
REGION New Zealand
ABV 12.5%
Product description

A stretch of water known as the Outer Sounds leads from the sea-drowned valleys of Marlborough into the mystical wine country of New Zealand. Invigorated by such treasured terroir, this crisp Sauvignon Blanc has juicy passionfruit and citrus flavors along with the classic green, grassy flavors that are so characteristic of Sauvignon Blanc from this region. Warm days and cool nights allow grapes to ripen evenly, offering a bright natural acidity along with ripe fruit flavors, and a mix of different vineyard sites throughout this famed region offer a multitude of different characters in the finished wine. Whether for a warm day or a light meal, this white is versatile and a great fit for any occasion.