Domaine Laroche Vaudevey Chab

CATEGORY Chardonnay
ABV ‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%‎12%%
Product description

Bright gold in color. Hints of minerality layered with citrus notes. Nervy, racy and lively. This wine offers ripe yellow fruit and light spice flavors. Juiciness comes with the citrus tang, allied to a touch of toast and final tight, textured aftertaste. You can enjoy it by the glass or by the bottle! The grapes are harvested and sorted by hand. Whole bunches are pressed in a pneumatic press, and then the must settles for 12 hours in large vats. The must ferments for 3 weeks, 74% in stainless steel vats and 26% in French oak barrels. Nine months in 72% stainless steel tank, the rest in barrels. Only 5% new oak in total.