Chandon Sweet Star

CATEGORY Champagne & Sparkling Wine
REGION United States
ABV 11.0%
Product description

At chandon we are true california sparkling wine pioneers. In keeping with the style established when the winery was founded sweet star draws on our french heritage and the innovative spirit of california. Like all chandon wines sweet star is a sophisticated and vibrant sparkling wine that enlivens all occasions. Vineyards: sourcing grapes from multiple cool-climate sites chandon maintains its french heritage by using traditional champagne varieties chardonnay pinot noir and pinot meunier in its cuvees. Vintage conditions: chandon non-vintage sparkling wines are made by blending several wines from multiple vintages with the intention of replicating our house-style influenced by sunny california. Vinification: grapes were gently pressed fermented into wine blended and bottled along with yeast and sugar to start the second fermentation that makes methode traditionnelle wines effervescent. After aging the wine is clarified by riddling a process which moves the yeast sedime